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ETF Comparisons


NEOS S&P 500® High Income ETF

SPYI seeks high monthly income in a tax efficient manner and the potential for compelling total returns by investing in the S&P 500® Index and implementing a data-driven call option strategy.


NEOS Enhanced Income 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF

CSHI seeks enhanced tax efficient monthly income beyond what investors would receive from investing in 1-3 Month U.S. Treasury Bills, while aiming to maintain a low risk profile.


NEOS Enhanced Income Aggregate Bond ETF

BNDI seeks enhanced tax efficient monthly income beyond what investors would receive from investing in ETFs with the same underlying core bond exposure, while maintaining a similar risk profile.

Fund Overview Videos

S&P 500 Index + High Monthly Income Potential

Nasdaq-100 Index + High Monthly Income Potential

Enhanced Fixed Income & Ultra-Short Duration ETFs

NEOS ETF Overview

Seeking Tax-Efficient Monthly Income? NEOS ETFs aim to deliver the next evolution of options strategies, where seeking income is the outcome.

ETF Lineup Overview

Educational Resources & Insights

Next Evolution Options Strategies

Our suite of options-based income ETFs combine quantitative analysis with decades of experience trading and investing across multiple markets, aiming to empower the investor with core portfolio building blocks that seek to provide monthly income, tax efficiency, and diversification through data-driven options-based ETFs.

The Difference Between 30-Day SEC Yield, Distribution Yield, and Dividend Yield

Understanding the differences between 30-day SEC yield, distribution yield, and dividend yield can help investors better evaluate the performance of their income-focused investments. 30-day SEC yield doesn't include income received from selling options, which is why distribution yield provides a more comprehensive representation of the income generated by NEOS ETFs.

The Potential Benefits of Return of Capital Distributions

Return of capital can be particularly useful for ETFs that use option writing strategies to generate income. While some investors may view return of capital as a negative, there are several reasons why it can be beneficial, especially from a tax perspective.

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