More and more investors are shifting to alternatives to lift returns, generate income, and provide diversification from traditional investments to achieve their goals. But alternatives, can even be more important when markets are in shock and asset correlations are high

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About Altera

Altera is an alternative asset advisor that believes in leveraging innovation to deliver outcomes that enhance portfolio returns while managing risk – including environmental, social, and governance related risks. Our mission is to continuously challenge ourselves, and our industry, to evaluate new risks and economic possibilities in a rapidly changing world, that demands the introduction of new paradigms and investment approaches.

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Altera for Family Offices and Foundations

Our funds and special access vehicles provide unique exposures to lower market private investments that give investors much needed independent sources of return.

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Altera for Wealth Managers

We partner with financial advisors to assist in their alternative asset portfolio construction. Our strategies are available through traditional custodians or directly through our platform.

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What we offer

Bespoke Strategies

We are not stuck to a single approach but bring a multi-dimensional view of the lower markets when seeking below-the-radar opportunities. It also means that our offerings can come in several different formats, including private funds, special access vehicles, and co-investments.

Custom Access

We provide access to our investments through various custodial channels and across asset locations, including taxable accounts, IRAs and Donor-Advised Funds. Our mission is to bring the best the lower market has to offer, to our clients, in the format that works for them.

Impact Investments

As demand for ESG-screened investments has grown and the lines between philanthropy and mission-aligned investing has continue to blur, impact investing has become an asset class onto itself. Altera has become a leader in the space bringing innovative answers to social and environmental issues.

Where we stand

Corporate Responsibility

We put an unwavering focus on long-term sustainability and ensure it's embedded across our entire business

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Investment Stewardship

We engage with companies to inform our voting and promote sound corporate governance that is consistent with sustainable, long-term value creation.

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